Playing Video Games with Neuralink, Your Tesla is Watching You, ISS gets Overcrowded – Ep 128

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Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Neuralink’s success with a monkey and pong, Tesla’s driver awareness system, and new crowded activity on the ISS

0:00 – Intro
8:02 – Your Tesla is watching you
24:43 – Mars helicopter preps for takeoff
31:25 – SN15 rolls out to launchpad
44:08 – Monkey Mind Pong
56:09 – #whydonttheyjust
1:06:21 – ISS is getting crowded
1:11:05 – Falcon9 fairing loses its TPS

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Particle Wobble –

Tesla Driver Monitoring –

Fairing TPS is Gone –

SN15 rolls out –

Starship Launch Tower –

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