New Dragon XL Renders, Did Tesla Over-promise on FSD, Unidentified Bacteria on ISS – Ep 125

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Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about SpaceX’s new renders of Dragon XL, the Tesla FSD debate, and unknown bacteria that could help us survive in space.

0:00 – Intro
12:21 – Tesla FSD won’t drive autonomously
23:08 – Mars Perseverance Rover Noises
30:48 – Oumuamua came from another Solar System
44:24 – #whydonttheyjust
50:51 – BMW’s new i4
1:06:26 – NASA releases new renders of SpaceX Dragon XL
1:10:00 – SpaceX’s new all-purpose ship
1:14:23 – BREAKING NEWS: Rivian announces charging network
1:33:13 – VW “Battery Day” Announcements
1:37:48 – Unidentified Bacteria on ISS

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