NASA’s Perseverance Footage, Thermal Energy Breakthrough, Blue Origin reveals New Glenn – Ep 122

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Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about NASA’s epic footage of Perseverance’s Mars landing, a $50M investment in thermal energy storage, and Blue Origin’s surprise footage of New Glenn

0:00 – Intro
4:42 – NASA Perseverance Rover footage
18:05 – Blue Origin reveals New Glenn
32:12 – Rocket Spotters rapid fire
39:57 – SpaceX stops catching fairings
43:59 – Possible Tesla rideshare app
48:50 – Tesla Yoke is no Joke
54:06 – #whydonttheyjust
1:01:53 – Thermal energy storage
1:10:40 – China’s Long March9 rocket
1:14:43 – Inspiration 4 crew announced
1:19:12 – Redwood Materials battery recycling company

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JB Battery Recycling Business

Tesla cofounder JB Straubel will recycle Nissan Leaf batteries at Redwood Materials

Tesla Rideshare App Coming Soon?

Tesla prepares cloud-based driver profile ahead of ‘Tesla Network’ ride-hailing app launch

Perseverance Landing video –

China is building Long March 9!!! –

Blue Origin Releases updates! –

Inspiration4 Crew member is announced! –

Flying out to the ocean pad –

Rigs will be operational by end of year maybe –

Static Fire but not good ish –

Tanks being made onsite for orbital pad –

SpaceX maybe done with trying to CATCH fairings –

Old Fairing –

New Fairing –

#whydonttheyjust –

$50M for Thermal Energy –

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